Monday, October 10, 2011

I've Figured It Out

It's been almost fifteen months since I announced my plans to travel from city to city and learn to survive without the stability of a place to live. I've been asked a lot of questions since then about whether or not I would write a book and I was never able to give a very satisfying answer whether or not I would do that. On March 31st of this year I arrived back in the house I grew up in, in the small town of Waseca, Minnesota, USA. Since that time there have been only a few new posts in this blog. There are a variety of reasons for that. One of the most prevalent being that I was tired and I needed to take sometime to live a normal life as best I could, considering my living situation has not been very stable.

As the months passed, I was able to spend a lot of time in reflection of the things I have experienced as well as engage in countless conversations about my experience. The more that time wedged itself between me then and now, the greater my desire grew to retell my story.

Everything I do has something, in some way to do with writing. It gets out of control very often, to the point that I feel that I'm observing life instead of experiencing it. I often feel like a fly on the wall in social situations and it's not rare that I lose sleep trying to figure out what happens in a characters life in one of my stories.

So for these last fifteen months, I have been thinking about how I would go about writing this book, if that was my decision, which it is. I've started, deleted or otherwise scrapped, and restarted writing this book countless times never being satisfied with how it was going.

About two weeks ago, I had the inspiration I needed to finally officially begin. The book will work hand in hand with the things I wrote in this blog, serving as the story of the entire experience and explaining what was happening at that point to cause me to write what I did.

Again, I feel the need to thank everyone who has supported me during this time. There were so many times that your support was what kept me going. While I was cold, wet, dirty, lonely, tired, uncertain of my future and unsure of myself I was held up by the prayers and love of people all over the world who regularly visited this blog. It's truly amazing to me that even now that I haven't been writing in this format, that people are continually reading about my experiences and insights. Thank you so much for everything. I could never have done this without all of you.