Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just like Jerry Seinfeld, I'm Telling You This For The Last Time

There’s been some discussion due to the article about me and this “journey” I’m on in the Mankato Free Press about whether I’m homeless or a drifter. First of all, who cares? Label me with whatever you want my homeless drifting has nothing to do with me. I’m not out here trying to get hand outs from anyone. I’m perfectly happy working to pay my way from city to city. The “Donate” button is there for people who feel like they want to contribute to what I’m trying to do. I’m just as happy when there aren’t donations as when there are.

My focus right now is not about me and my life. I’ve said this so many times and could probably type it in my sleep; I decided to write about homelessness and I only write what I know. The only way I know how to write about homelessness is by living it. Do not flip my words around. Do not try to read between the lines. I write straight forward for a reason and that reason is to make sure no one misunderstands what I’m saying and what I’m doing.

By choosing to do this, I have cemented my “cause” for the next several years. The work I plan to do through out my return to a “normal” life and college is centered on homelessness. Homelessness is the epicenter of my life now. I don’t like things being given to me. In fact there’s nothing that makes me feel more uncomfortable, except maybe strange people too close to me or God forbid hugging me. That was a joke. Laugh. Right now, the best I can do to “pay” for meals and lodging is to volunteer as often as possible. But when my travels are over, I will be spending countless hours and more than likely years, doing whatever I can to “pay back” and forward the places that were so generous as to serve me during this time. It’s only the right thing to do.

Now I will not be explaining myself again. I ask nothing of anyone else except for what they want to do themselves.

To those of you who love and support me in all the choices I’ve made throughout my life, thank you, I love you dearly, I think about you all often. You are what gives me the drive and motivation to keep on keeping on when life sucks majorly. To those of you who don’t; no one is forcing you to pay any attention to me or what I’m doing. You can go on with your life loving what you do, while I go on with my life loving what I do, and we can all live in hippie harmony. Through out this part of my life I’ve never asked for any press. Those people have always come to me.

Thank you for reading the things I have to write. I love you all for the strength you give me during this time in my life. It get’s lonely often and there have been days that seeing how many people are reading my words or following the Life With No Roof Facebook page are all that keep my spirits up.

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