Saturday, September 11, 2010

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like...

And I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve!

I set out today at about 2:30 in the afternoon. I left behind memories, both good and bad, some of the best friends the world has to offer, and the absolute best family in the history of everything. I love you all and hope you know I'm not running away from you, and that everywhere I go I carry a piece of you with me, and I have left little bits of myself with each of you and it doesn't matter what you do, you're stuck with them.

I brought two "travel buddies" with me. One was given to me just today. It's a tiny bust of the King himself. That's right, Elvis Presley is joining me on my
journey. I also have with me and have had with me Jedi Master Yoda. He guides me and my car with the force.

I stopped in Chamberlain, SD tonight. It's right off of I-90 right on the Missouri River. There are plenty of beautiful shots to be had here so I might just say a while tomorrow and take advantage of that. I did take a few tonight just before sunset.

So, I guess the greatest excitement of the day came about a mile before I exited into Chamberlain. I got pulled over. The Trooper, who seemed like a nice enough guy said that my car was too loud and that's why he pulled me over. Well first he said that my muffler was hanging too low. Now, I'm not going to say that my car isn't, but it's not overly noisy. At least I don't think. My muffler is a little lower than the average muffler but it's very secure. I know... I put it there. I don't think he pulled me over to be a dick, he let me go with a warning. Let's see... it says Courtesy Warning on it. That's such a polite way to make a great guy like myself piss himself. Although not literally. I would have taken a picture, but I thought it was inappropriate.

The moral of that story is; the Man's trying to get me down! ... but I don't really feel that way.

I love you all. Read on and tell your friends to do the same, I'm trying to make a name for myself.

P.S. to answer your question, Yes, I did feel a little like John Rambo in First Blood.

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  1. The picture is awesome. I'm excited for more.