Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cold Night, Gloomy Day, Fantastic Pictures

For the first time since I pulled into Rapid City, I stopped by the local shelter. Since finding out the meal times a few days ago, I always found myself in the middle of something when the time rolled around, and decided that instead of a warm meal, I'd just have some more of the French Bread I bought earlier in the day.

So yesterday, after missing lunch because I had just put a few cents into my parking meter and didn't want to waste it, I was determined to make it there for dinner. Dinner at the Cornerstone Rescue Mission starts at 6 and ends at 6:30, and is served cafeteria style serving first the people who have signed up for chores (Mostly this involves cleaning up after the meal), next the women with children, followed by all women, veterans are after them, and last everyone else.

The food is served by volunteers, often from area churches. Last night we ate Tater-tot Casserole, Fruit Salad, two pieces of bread, and a dessert. The dessert changed depending on what they had out when you went through, I had two blueberry muffin tops. They have coffee, tea or water to drink, or soda from the machine if you have some spare change.

The news was on before we ate and the weather man said that it was going to dip down into the mid to high 30's over the night. This was not the most comforting news.

There is one ting I've noticed about homeless people since I've been here, and that's how well they look out for each other. I've watched people sharing money and food. I've seen people looking for work for their friends and offer to help in a lot of other ways. I don't know if I'll find that everywhere, but I have definitely noticed it here.

Dogs Without Sweaters in Memorial Park
After I ate and was full, I headed out into the cold to my car. On the way there I ran into a free concert by a cover band called "Dogs Without Sweaters". Even though I was freezing, I figured I'd stick around a while and take some pictures, and so I did. Although not what I'd prefer to listen to, they put on a great show, and the crowd really seemed to have a great time despite the cold. I could tell the band had a great time, too, and despite the cold the lead singer never did put on shoes. Hey you gotta give him props for staying true to his style, right?

When I got to my car I blasted the heat, and even though on the way to my sleeping spot I got kinda uncomfortable I didn't turn it down, because that's all I would get through the night. I got my bed/backseat ready for slumber, blocked out my windows and cuddled up under two very warm blankets and to sleep I went.

I woke up this morning to the near freezing cold morning, and as anyone who has ever camped in the fall or winter knows, I didn't want to get up. For awhile I had myself convinced that I should just stay right there all day, and I was good with that idea, until I had to pee. I sat up and could see that the highest hills were consumed by clouds. "Photographer Sean" delighted and "Sane Sean" said NO! But ultimately I guess I'm mostly insane and away I went to take some great pictures like the one at the top.

I've been editing a lot of pictures to be infrared photography lately. I've always loved black and white photography, but infrared photography just has this ghostly feel that I can't seem to get over, and I don't want to get over.

I hope you enjoy my adventures as much as I do. Keep reading and remember to spread the word.

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  1. of course you had muffin tops. even the homeless won't eat muffin bottoms.