Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wyoming? And Beyond.

Somewhere, Wyoming
I left Rapid city on Thursday September 23rd and spent two days in Wyoming. I give as much as respect as I can to anyone who lives in Wyoming and loves it, but I can't imagine any reason for Wyoming to exist. I did have one really cool experience, I looked at a map for a general idea as to what roads I wanted to be on, but the rest I left up to Charlie my GPS. Because of this great idea, I spent about nine miles on a dirt road called Cosner Road driving through the Cosner family ranch. If you get the feeling that I'm unhappy about this in anyway, think twice; I'm not at all. In fact, I loved it. I can't say a whole lot for the Wyoming scenery, however. It is mostly boring and desolate.

I spent the night at Independence Rock. When I was ten years old I traveled a bit with my Grandma, and we stopped there for a few hours at most. It was really nice to go back and see things now that I remember from then, and to see how my perception of things has changed. But most of all it was nice to be able to spend a little time on top of a big rock in the middle of the night and enjoy the view. And just maybe she was there with me. 

I pulled into Salt Lake City, UT at about 6:30 in the PM on September 24th. I've been here a few times before, but since I'm trying to go into all these places thinking as though I've never been there and know very little about them, I tried starting with a new first impression.

So, starting out, there's at least people here besides me. I actually know a lot of people around here, so I'm doing some quick visiting before I really get back to the life. I did spend a large amount of Monday exploring the city and seeing for myself what's going on. I heard that the area surrounding the State Capitol has some good places to stay for the night so I walked up there to check out the area.

After checking out the city for a few hours, I decided on a few different places that might be good for some panhandling as well as one of the homeless shelters in the city. All in all it was a good day. I went back to doing my visits after that, but I'm not too worried about running out of time without getting anything done, because I'll be here twice as long as I was in Rapid City, and I'm very happy with what I was able to accomplish there.

Remember to read on to see how my life in Salt Lake City goes. and like always remember to tell your friends and the people you don't like as much to read too!

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