Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Parks and Recreation

There are a few places that are sure to be populated with the less fortunate.

Like many other cities its size, Salt Lake City has a light rail train running through it. This train runs through the downtown section of the city as well as to a few neighboring cities. The great thing about this is that as long as you stay in downtown Salt Lake it's absolutely free to ride. This makes it very easy to get around and if you happen to be very low on money, you can get around too. In fact, today I watched someone ask people if they had any spare change while riding the train. Any free form of transportation will be taken advantage of by the less fortunate.

For some of the same reasons that libraries are popular, parks are also. You can go there and stay all day for free and nobody cares. Parks are fun. there's very few things better than napping in the shade of a tree on a nice summer day. No amount of wealth takes that joy away. of course there are a few things that make a library a much better place to spend a day. There's the pursuit of knowledge, winter, and rainy days like today. These are times that it's better to stay indoors.

Lately, seeing as I'm in an area where I know a few people, I've been asked a lot what I do to pass time. There are a few things that I do everyday. Some of them I did before I was homeless too. Like most other homeless people, I have a few things from my life before the streets. Many of the homeless have a computer and there isn't a library in the country that doesn't have free wireless internet. I use this to do things I enjoy such as USAToday's puzzles, I write a lot, and keep up with a few TV shows that I like. I take a lot of pictures, it's something I've loved to do for years, and the amount of traveling I've been fortunate enough to do has made that more exciting than ever. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their lives, and the people I'm meeting are more than happy to share everything with me. It was my fear upon leaving everything I knew before that I would be bored, but in reality, I've got plenty to do.

Homeless people have things they enjoy, hobbies, habits and vanities just like everyone else. They have dignity. They have feelings. They have families and friends. If we would look a little closer we'd all see them for what they really are and not for what they don't have.

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