Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's the World we can change

Since I’ve been on the road there have been just a few times that I thought, “What am I doing?” and that I should quit and either go back home or move to Arizona and be done with everything.

I felt that way yesterday. I was going about my usual day. I just got to Seattle and so I was walking around getting a feel for the city and something just wasn’t right. I was feeling like butter over too much bread. I occasionally feel like everything I’m doing is a waste; that this is a horrible world and nobody can change it. I fight a losing battle to hold on to a world where people can change and make themselves better. I feel sometimes like that’s the world we lost.

I was further disappointed when I found out that I couldn’t get into a concert that I was really excited for. So there I was, standing outside the Showbox at the Market looking at a sign that said, “Never Shout Never, The Maine, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business, Carter Husley SOLD OUT” Now, nothing against Never Shout Never, The Maine and Carter Husley, but I don’t care if I don’t get to see them play, but it was heart breaking and a let down that I didn’t need to realize that I wasn’t going to see I Can Make A Mess.

Ace Enders is the brains behind I Can Make A Mess, and one of the biggest inspirations in my life. I talked to him shortly after I realized that I wasn’t getting in. Like always he dropped what he was doing to talk to me. He’s one of those rock stars that really care deeply about the people who paid to get him where he is. He wasn’t able to get me into the concert, but said he would ask the other bands if they had any openings on their guest list for me.

I ended up finding someone with an extra ticket and did get in. Ace played a great set. All but two songs were unreleased. The set ended with the song “Old Man………………….” a song about holding on to and fighting to make your dreams come to life, and that the people who let go of their dreams are the ones who will tell you that you can't do what it is you want. Hearing that song and what he said to me before and  what he said during the song renewed my drive to do what I know I love and chase my dreams down, punch them in the face for trying to get away and make them happen.

Thank you Ace Enders for being who you are and for the inspiration and drive you give me to keep plugging away.

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