Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hanging out with Lars...

I left Seattle on Thursday morning. I didn't get too far though. I took a detour that ended me in Bremerton, WA. I went to the water and walked around the marina and wanted to go swimming (not in that water). I looked in the water and saw a bunch of Jellyfish. I would move there. Bremerton, however, was not my destination for the day. I drove south. I now find myself in Olympia,WA. I arrived at about 4PM and soon after found myself sitting in the mall watching the world series. It was, of course, raining and dark and I decided it would be best to get out of the rain. As I sat in a chair watching the game in a cable display or something along those lines, an old man sat in the chair next to me. I moved to the far side of my chair. I don't like people in my bubble.

I ignored him and went on enjoying what, at the time, was a close game. He started talking to me about sports and what not. It's what guys talk about in that situation. I don't know you; you don't know me and there's a baseball game on. That's completely normal.

After a while he asked where I lived. I told him I'm from MN and I'm spending a few months traveling hanging out with homeless people and writing about it. (I'm very open about what I do) So we started talking about homelessness and all that jazz. He told me about a bunch of guys he had let stay in his house for a few days. He has an extra bedroom that they've stayed in. He asked me if I wanted to stay there to get out of the rain. I'm not one to turn down a warm place to sleep so I went with him.

The first thing I saw when I walked into his house was a poster from BOP magazine of Ryan Sheckler from Life of Ryan. When I walked further into the house I noticed that there was not one picture of a girl on the walls. Instead they were littered with pictures cut out of magazines of boys. Jonas Brothers, on the wall; Prince William, a bunch of guys I've never heard of, and of course, Leo! That's right, Leonardo DiCaprio. And not Shutter Island awesome Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic Leo. I thought that was extremely strange. No. That's not the right choice of words... I thought it was F-ed up. We stopped by the grocery store on the way to his house so I made myself some of the food he got and sat on the other side of the room from him and watched his TV. At last I said I was tired and went to the extra bedroom and locked myself in.

I left as soon as I could get away. See it got weirder the next morning when he asked if I would pleasure him for $30. First of all, No. Second of all, $30? Really it's going to take a lot more than that for me to pleasure anyone who's over 55.

Oh his name isn't Lars.

To put it plainly, Olympia has been very interesting so far.

Keep reading, life's getting fun.

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  1. Whoa! I can't say I know what it's like to be offered $30 for...whatever "Lars" wanted you to do(which...I don't want to know, but I kinda do want to's weird)! Here's to new experiences! Hey I started a blog, just so I could follow yours. I don't think I'll ever write anything, but maybe I will someday it I get emo enough. Take it easy, and no more staying in the homes of homosexual senior citizens! The only thing creepier than that is...I actually can't think of anything creepier than an old gay man... Stay safe!