Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seattle, WA

Out of all the places I've been so far, Seattle seems to be the most homeless friendly. Besides the fact that the  winters aren't nearly as cold as Mankato, Rapid City, or Salt Lake, there's shelters obviously, but there are designated parks where people are allowed to sleep.

There is a person under this mass of wool and backpack.
I had to find a place to park my car where I wouldn't have to worry about parking tickets, towing, or theft. I found a quiet community just over a mile from the area I spend my days. There's no parking time limit and nights are quiet. On the way from my car I found a spot where there's some camping going on. Being so close to I-5 it's not really a legal place to camp out and there are some signs on the trees, but it seems that the police usually look the other way.

Yesterday there were two other tents like this one. It appears that this one has been there for some time now.

Last night I ate dinner at the Bread of Life Mission. The dinner consisted of Squash, cooked spinach, pork, rice, and as many day-old pastries as you can eat. There's a few others in the area and I plan to stop by them all before I leave.

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