Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Losing The Beard

This is me. My name is Sean Donner. Seven months ago, I wouldn't stand out to anyone in a crowd. I looked like every other person, and really, there was nothing super special about me. Then I got an idea to live homeless from city to city across the western states of America. Part of whole idea was not shaving. At the time I thought that homeless people couldn't shave and therefore all of the men had beards. I quickly saw that that wasn't at all true. But I didn't have anything to shave with, and so a beard grew. And although I didn't like it, there it was. By the time I was given a razor, my beard was far too long to shave off.

Well, I decided enough was enough and acquired a beard trimmer on February 14th. I got back to my brothers house in Phoenix ready to rid myself of the thick red hairy mess that was attached to my face when I realized that my beard trimmer needed to be charged for 14 hours. So after waiting about six hours I couldn't wait any longer. Here's what happened.

This is right before the trimmer was turned on. A crazy smile goes with a crazy beard.

Obviously the trimmer didn't last through the whole beard. I got the sides mostly trimmed down and it had had enough.

An hour or so later I went back at it, and got it shaved well enough for the night. 

Yep, with that I can sleep easy. I'd finish it in the morning.

So here we are all showered up and finished trimming. Oh for the record, I didn't forget the mustache, I left it on purpose. I'm going to look like a real old west cowboy for awhile. We'll see how long it lasts. 

So there it is. I'm sorry to anyone who was really looking forward to seeing the beard in all it's glory. But this is after all my life, so you can just go think about that.

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  1. Love it Seanathan! I always liked you better without the facial hair but you being the rebel that you are, it doesn't surprise me! Lovin the mustache though... now all you need is a cowboy hat and a horse! Miss you!