Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things I Notice

When I left the comfort of a place to live almost a year ago, there were a lot of things I was unsure of. Topping that list was where I would end up in the end, if I'd regret this choice, and my sanity. I've been back "home" for just over two months now and have taken a lot of time to reflect on seven months I spent roaming the country side, and I'm glad to say that I've got no serious questions about my sanity!

My motives were questioned a time or two. Why did I do this? It's true that I've wanted to gain exposure with the things I write, but there's many easier ways to gain readers than to leave everything behind and write about homelessness. It's a sad state our culture is in when people can't imagine that a person would want to give up everything for a time to try to get more people thinking about people who are, not less fortunate than the rest of us, but people are not fortunate at all.

It's true that many people who are living on the streets are there because of choices they've made. So, why should we help or even care about them? Because they are human beings. One of the things that separates us as humans from the rest of the animal world seems to be our selfishness and lack of caring for one another.

I've heard so much upheaval about how we treat criminals of war and terrorists we've taken prisoner in the last few years. It seems that in this world we worry more about the rights of criminals of the world more than our own citizens who are sleeping in the shadows of the very neighborhoods we live in. This sickens me. Some of the most talented, nicest, and just all-around gems of the earth are living on the streets being spit on by the most unoriginal, rudest, garbage for human beings this world has to offer.

I wish people would appreciate the things they have. I went to a Performance Art Gala about a month ago. Everyone in attendance were dressed to the nines and very few people finished their food. One woman who was sitting near me ate about a quarter of her food and the rest was thrown away. It seems as though we could feed hordes of starving children with the food that is carelessly thrown away in America, as well as some other countries I'm sure. I'm not saying ship all your left overs to the poor and needy, but please take some time to think about the things you have and appreciate it.

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