Monday, November 8, 2010

Amazing People

I went out panhandling a few nights. This is one of the signs I made. It's a strange experience asking everyone you see for a dollar or whatever they can give. I'm not writing to tell you about how I asked tons of people for money.

At the end of the first night something happened that you probably wouldn't expect. I man walked up and asked me if I wanted a burger. I never turn down food. I can't always know for sure when my next meal will be. So he bought me a burger and it was really good. He bought two burgers. One for him and one for me. We were eating our burgers together and talking about photography and those sorts of things when another homeless man walked up to me and started talking. I don't remember exactly what it was he was saying, but he pulled out the money he had made that night and gave me twenty-five cents.

The guy I was eating with was blown away. It gave me the chance to tell him that no one is more helpful to each other than homeless people. This is just another example.

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  1. Sean, I think what you are doing is amazing and I wish you the best experiences you can get from this! I will tell everyone that I talk to, to check you out. Take care and I look forward to seeing more that you have.