Monday, November 15, 2010

Where next?

I don't know for sure.

The great thing about Portland is how easy it is to be homeless here. Like every other city I've been to there's plenty of opportunities to eat three times a day, it's pretty easy to get a free mat for the night, and to top it all off, I got tested for tuberculosis for free! By the way... I tested negative. Negative is good in this situation.

If it weren't for all the rain and the clouds and the rain and the drizzle and the rain Portland would be perfect. Although it's wet, there's always plenty of places to go and get out of the rain. A lot of people hang out under the Burnside bridge at the Skidmore Fountains. The Central Library here is beautiful and like all other libraries you can spend the whole day here and no one cares. They also have easy public transportation that has a pretty good sized free zone, and outside of the free zone is still very inexpensive. Plus trains are fun to ride.

I've had a hard time finding work while I've been here. I spent a few hours panhandling and made a little money that way, but not enough to move on down the road. I've recently started taking online market research surveys that promise to pay, but I don't know it they really do. I've also signed up to take part in focus groups that pay cash on the spot.
If nothing looks better by the middle of the week, I've decided I'm going to head out of town. I was told that I might have better luck finding work in smaller towns simply because there's not nearly as many people also looking.

So there you are Portland, get awesome fast or I'm out! That's not a threat... it's a promise. In all seriousness, Portland is a great city, and for people who are down on their luck who want to work their way back to self-sufficiency, there are plenty of programs to help you do just that in Portland, OR.

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