Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Olympia, WA

I only planned on staying in Olympia for a couple days. I was first planning on leaving Monday, November 1st, then I stayed and decided I would stay until Tuesday. It's Tuesday night now and I'm still in Olympia. I think I'll stay awhile longer.

I've been spending a lot of time at the Union Gospel Mission. The staff is much more friendly than anywhere else I've been. I had my laundry washed for me and got to take a shower at the mission. Most places only open their doors at meal times, but at Union Gospel you're welcome most of the day.

I also stopped at the Thurston County Food Bank. Each family is allowed to get food at the Food Bank 12 times a year and they ask that you don't come more than one time in a week. I went in, told them who I was and my living situation and they Hooked me up! That's with a capital "H". They have people all along the way to help you with anything you might need. I can't cook, so they sent me to a special area they have with food that doesn't need preparation. They also gave me information about their other services for the homeless and low-income families in the area. They are actually the people who sent me to the Union Gospel Mission.

Last night it didn't rain so I slept outside. I brought a sleeping bag to a place I found a couple days ago. It's between a row of bushes and a church. There's a space there that's about two feet wide. It's the perfect place. It's completely hidden from the sidewalk and street.

Despite it's rocky start, Olympia is turning out to be my favorite place I've been so far.

Today this blog reached I milestone. This blog has now been visited over 3,000 times in the three and a half months of it's existence. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to read about my travels and experiences. You guys are great! I never thought it would get so much exposure. You have no idea what it means to me. Thank you.

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