Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

At 11:30 this morning I finished moving out of my apartment and have my car weighted down by my things. The count down to hitting the open highway is on. I will be going through my things and deciding what is necessary and what doesn't need me in it's life anymore. I took my first shower as a homeless person today, it was truly luxurious. I'll be at work for the next twelve hours, I think when I'm done with work tomorrow morning and don't have a bed to go sleep in is when I'll get my first actual taste of what being homeless is really like. Really, though it will be a while before I truly understand. Staying near home, I have too many places where I can and will go to get some air conditioned rest.

I'm excited for the following months, but to be completely truthful, there's a part of me which is also really scared. This is, however, a common emotion for anyone embarking into the unknown, and I intend on using my uneasiness to stay safe and aware of my surroundings. I don't intend on getting many nights of good uninterrupted sleep.

So with my car, camera, and curiosity I will venture out into the cruel world to do what I envisioned the day I walked into a camera store and walked out with my dream; that is capture images that will be remembered and show the truth about this world we live in. The great thing about the truth of the world is that so many opposing things are true at the same time.

There's beauty and the promise of new life...

There's death and sadness...

There's longing for things and feelings long since passed...

And there's hope that we could hold on to the present and make it our future.

These are all reasons why I spent so much time wishing I had the camera sitting next to me; who has been with me to celebrate in the good times, clear my mind in the bad, and in some cases, help me to try and hold on to the present so I can relive it again, if only for a short time.

Please read on and live this journey with me.

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