Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sean Donner and the Case of the Exploding Tire.

So I was driving on Highway Fourteen today, and out of nowhere, you guessed it, my tire exploded. Honestly, exploded isn't quite the best word to use, although at the time that's exactly what I thought happened. When I had my self safely pulled to the side of the road, it became apparent that what had actually happened was that all of the tread on the front, passenger side tire on my car flew off, and by so doing I also lost a mud flap. I'm very upset about the mud flap.

I opened my trunk and realized that there was a whole ton of coats, an oil pan, a tent and countless other things there. So I walked over to the tire and crouched beside the tire and said, "Can you get me another ten miles?"

To this the tire did not reply.

I looked down the highway, and turning back to the tire said, "Can you at least get me off the highway?"

The tire still didn't reply, but I decided that if I drove slow, I'd make it to a place where I could put a spare on.

I was headed to my parent's house to watch over their aged dog and visit my number one pal, Reggie the Python. Their house was ten miles from me, so I set out, driving slowly and hoping that the tire wouldn't actually explode, which it didn't.

So, today I got to rotate my tires and this weekend I get to buy new ones!

I'm going to sleep here tonight. I'm loving hanging out with Reggie, who I haven't seen since I became homeless. I plan to play guitar for a while and fall asleep on the couch with a good movie. I think I'm going with Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's my pet snake Reggie's favorite movie, so that seems fitting.

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