Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Bicycles, One Destiny, and My Parents

I've discovered that when you spend as much time as I do in a car, you begin to realize that life on the road not only rocks so hard that if anyone looked directly at you their eyes would explode, but that you get to do a whole new kind of people watching. I'm sure this is a topic I will come back to time and time again so I'll hold off for now. However, sense I'm on the topic of other cars and people while you're driving:

I'm not a bad person and, despite popular opinion, I don't usually enjoy seeing bad things happen to people, but the story I'm about to relate really brought that joy of destruction in me.
(Spoiler: No matter how much I kinda wish it would have happened, nothing is destroyed or damaged in this story) I was in my car driving down the highway just like normal. "Just like normal" most likely involves music turned on just loud enough, but not too loud and me singing horribly at the top of my lungs until it starts to hurt. So as you can imagine, Sean has never been more at peace.

The car in front of me had two bicycles standing on top of it. They were standing straight and proud. Whenever I see I bicycle my mind drifts to a time when my primary form of transportation was a bicycle. I was twenty and twenty-one and lived in Albuquerque, NM. I have an unbridled fear of being on two wheels ever again fore my life on a bicycle ended abruptly and tragically. Without getting too involved in another story let me just say, there was an ambulance involved, and I quoted "Tommy Boy".

So when these two bicycles suddenly shifted to the left and appeared to be one gust of wind from the ground, you can imagine how much I wanted them to crash to the highway. I backed off a bit so the bicycles wouldn't again hospitalize me. I followed them another 15 miles until the car left my route and we parted ways forever. Deep inside I'm glad for the people who love those bikes that they didn't fall, but at the same time, it would have been fun to see.

So, that was the bicycles and now for destiny.

I usually believe that people make their own destiny and I guess this quick thought is no different. I've never really talked about this, but when I was a little boy I was watching TV with my family. There was a movie or show that had a character who was a homeless teenage boy. It might have been something else, but to me the boy was crying because he was homeless and there was no help for him. I remember I had an overwhelming feeling as I sat and watched that, that one day I would be homeless. Now, at the time and for years afterwards I never dreamed it would be my choice, but here I am.

Obviously, I created that destiny for myself. I just find it to be kind of odd.

I can assure you, Mom, that this is not my final destiny, there is much more after I've done what I've set out to do here and now. And if things go my way, this will be the first of many things that I do that make you worry about my sanity. I don't try to make you and Dad worry about my safety; I'm just trying to catch up with my dreams. Love you!

Thanks for reading, and please keep doing it.

Oh and tell your friends!

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