Thursday, December 9, 2010

Going Hungry in America

I asked the world of Facebook to ask me questions about the way my life is and things that have happened to me since living a homeless life. Almost immediately I was asked if I've gone hungry yet.

The quick answer is: No.

Now let me explain myself.

America is still the land of plenty. That's part of the reason I'm doing what I'm doing. I'm not a Socialist. I full heartedly think that people should have to work or do something for the things they're given. However, there's really no reason anyone in America should go hungry. There's just so much money floating around.

I've noticed as I've been around a little bit, that people are generally giving. No one likes to see someone in a bad situation; hurting hungry of otherwise. At the same time, though, is that people are also greedy. I don't know how many of you have noticed this as well, but America obviously has plenty of food. So food is given to the poor in mass quantities. This is awesome!

Along with every other homeless person in the country, I eat your leftovers. A lot of the food we get at shelters is expired but still very edible, so stores donate it to the shelter, and then we eat it. Every town of any size at all has food services for the homeless and otherwise poor, and usually the food is really good.

So no, I haven't gone hungry at all. There's just no reason anyone in America should ever go without food.

I have eaten out of a garbage can once, however. It was just a few days ago. The night I got into San Francisco I asked a homeless guy wear I could get some food. He brought me to a dumpster outside a popular bakery. The dumpster was full of loaves of bread that had gotten cold. Bread is all that ever goes into the dumpster, so I took a loaf, and you know what? It was good.

In closing I think I should mention that I eat more now than I ever did before I became homeless, and I've actually gained a solid fifteen pounds.

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