Wednesday, December 8, 2010


After a journey of two days, I arrived in San Francisco. I'm always happy to spend days traveling on my own. And this time I gave myself the gift of taking my time. In stead of taking I-5, which would be a little faster, I drove out to the coast and took Highway 101. I love that highway. It was a great trip down the coast, but as much fun as it was, I was really anxious to get to the next stop.

So at about 4PM on December 6th, I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and into San Francisco. I had been to San Francisco once before, but I didn't really spend anytime in the city. I spent the first few hours trying to figure out where everything is and familiarize myself with the area. That night, I ended up slightly breaking the law by sleeping in a park. As trivial as it sounds, it's an arrest-able offense. Yeah... I'm bad.

Day two was spent also looking around. I'm human just like you, and therefore I need to eat. I actually make it a habit to eat two or three times a day. So I spent some time locating missions and shelters so that I can continue in that way of life. All the money I made in Portland was spent on getting to San Francisco so it's time to find another job. I am going to an open interview this afternoon at the Wag Hotel. It's a hotel of sorts for dogs and cats while their masters are away for the holidays. I've worked in people hotels for a very long time and have always had animals around me. I like to have animals around and miss that since I've been on the road. So I'm really hoping I can get this job. It would be a seasonal job, lasting about a month. That's perfect for what I'm looking for. So wish me luck!

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