Friday, December 24, 2010


I was sitting at breakfast this morning with an interesting man. He was cracking jokes and happily talking the whole time. A lot of his jokes were funny, but I don't always laugh on the outside; also I was tired. I'm not sure if he was trying to crack me or if that's just him, but he kept going. I wasn't upset at all, he was really entertaining.

Then it happened. He told a story that is right up my alley. I'll try to tell it right.

He has arthritis and a big heart, which I guess is bad. I was always told it's good to have a big heart, but I guess not literally. He had a doctor a few years ago who was Oriental, from New York, and gay. These are the things he told me about his doctor. One visit he asked the doctor about a certain pain medication for his arthritis. The doctor quickly said, "I wouldn't put that in my body." This man looked at his doctor and said, "Well, you put things in your body that I definitely wouldn't put in mine!"

Maybe it's funny. Maybe it's offensive. Maybe it's neither, but at 6:30 this morning I thought it was hilarious. I started laughing a lot and he said, "There, I got you."

I took out my notebook and started writing and he said, "You're writing that in your journal aren't you."

"That, I do not want to forget" I replied.

As I was writing he said some wonderful things. He said that he's probably going to die soon and he's made it his mission in life to bring joy to people and make as many people laugh as he can. There are a lot of people in really bad situations in life and if you can give them that little bit of joy, then you've given them everything.

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